Please see below a list of topics.

A more detailed program will be available in due course.

- Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapies

- Integrating Spirituality/Religion in The Treatment Plan

John Peteet (USA):  Addressing Existential Suffering, Fourth Wave of Psychotherapy, Promoting Virtues in Psychotherapy

David Rosmarin (USA): Spiritually Integrated CBT

Anahy Fonseca (Brazil): Anomalous Experiences and Analytic Psychology

Sujatha D. Sharma (India): Integrating Principles of Rajyoga in Psychotherapy

Paul Summergrad (USA): Synergistic Role of Meditation in Mental Health

Elaine Dyrsdale (Canada): Integrating Near Death Experiences in Clinical Practice

- Ethical Boundaries of Spirituality/Religion Integration in Clinical Practice

Rael Strous (Israel): Potential Boundary Violations in the Application of Spirituality and Religion in Clinical Psychiatry

John Peteet (USA):  Ethical Challenges at the Interface R/S and Psychiatry


- Dealing with Harmful Spirituality/Religion Practices and Beliefs (negative religious coping)

- Distinction Between Spiritual Experiences and Mental Disorders

Rael Strous (Israel): Piety or Pathology and How to Distinguish

Alexander Moreira-Almeida (Brazil): TBA


-  Are there Psychiatric Contraindications for Meditation or Yoga Techniques?

Marianna Costa (Brazil): Mindfulness: Uses and Abuses

- WPA Position Statement: Global Implication

Alan Fung (Canada): East Asia


- Psychiatric/Psychological Insights Provided by Spirituality/Religion Sacred Texts

Marianna Costa (Brazil): Spiritism

Chris Cook (UK): Hearing Voices, Demonic and Divine


- Training in Religion/Psychiatry

Alan Fung (Canada) or John Peteet (USA): R/S in Psychiatry Residency: Global Overview

Fabricio Oliveira (Brazil): Core Curriculum Proposal for R/S in Psychiatry Residency

Sujatha D. Sharma (India): Values in Healthcare A Spiritual Approach (VIHASA): A Program for Spiritual Growth in Healthcare Professionals


- State of the Art of the S/R and Mental Health Relationship

Alexander Moreira-Almeida (Brazil):  WPA Position Statement and the State of Art Evidence on R/S and Mental Health

Haim Belmaker (Israel): “Godel’s Theorem, Quantum Mechanics and the Role of Scientific Uncertainly in Psychiatric Acceptance of Spirituality”


- S/R, Faith Communities and Mental Health - Where There are No Psychiatrists

- Collaboration Between Mental Health Professionals and Spirituality/Religion Communities

Alan Fung (Canada): Collaboration Between Mental Health Professionals and Faith Communities

Paul Summergrad (USA): APA Faith and Mental Health Partnership

Helen Herrman (Australia): “Psychiatrists and Community Partners Examine Religion and Spirituality”

Avdesh Sharma (India): Training Spiritual/Religions Organizations in Mental Health & Illnesses


- Have Genetics and Neuroimaging Explained Away Spirituality/Religion?

Rael Strous (Israel): The Source of Religion and Spirituality in the Brain: is it just all about the Synapse?

Homero Vallada (Brazil): Does Genetic Explain Spirituality?

María Inés López-Ibor (Spain): Brain and Religion

Alexander Moreira-Almeida (Brazil): Has Neuroscience Explained Away Spiritual Experiences?

- Spirituality/Religion in Preventive Psychiatry

Avdesh Sharma (India): Role of Spiritual Principles in Sub-Clinical Syndromes and Stress Induced Distress in the Community


- Spirituality/Religion and Positive Psychiatry

Alison Gray (UK): Resilience and Flourishing of Psychiatrists

G. Prasad Rao (India): Resilience and Therapeutic Benefits of Spirituality in Old Age

Bruno Mosqueiro (Brazil): Resilience, Depression and Spirituality