Call for proposals is still open...

Acceptance letters have now been sent out to all submissions that have been received.


Proposals  can be submitted for either oral or poster presentation. Proposals selected for oral presentation will be given  a 10 minute slot within the program.  All other selected papers will be presented as poster in the Poster Sessions.
The best three proposals will receive an award.

Please see below suggested topics for proposals. However, the list below is not exhaustive and other topics on Spirituality/Religion (S/R)  and mental health are welcome:

  • Spiritually integrated treatments

  • Ethical boundaries of S/R integration in clinical practice 

  • Dealing with harmful  S/R practices and beliefs (negative religious coping) 

  • Are there psychiatric contraindications for meditation, yoga techniques or other S/R practices? 

  • Integrating  S/R in the treatment plan 

  • Psychiatric/psychological insights provided by S/R sacred texts 

  • Challenges and guidelines in taking a spiritual history

  • State of the art of the S/R and mental health relationship 

  • Collaboration between mental health professionals and S/R communities 

  • Genetics and neuroscience of S/R

  • S/R in preventive psychiatry 

  • S/R and positive psychiatry 

  • S/R faith communities and mental health where there are no psychiatrists 


  1. Proposal must be submitted using the online submission link. 

  2. All proposals must be submitted in English

  3. The names and  affiliations of ALL authors should be included in the proposal, i.e. department, institution, city, country

  4. Proposal should be no longer than 300 words, not including the title, author names and affiliations.



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You can check the status of proposals submitted by logging in. Click on the proposal tab to track the review process. 

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Call for Poster/Oral Proposal